Thank You!

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We turned in a $30 donation for the Read-a-thon today! That’s so amazing! Thank you so much to everybody who pledged and helped us out.

Reading is so fun for us anyway, but it was really cool to know that our reading was helping someone.

Read-a-thon Grand Totals

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Happy Halloween!

Yesterday was the last day of reading for our read-a-thon. We had so much fun reading!

The Grand Totals

Squeaker – 49 books

Tootles – 46 books

Binks – 37 books

Lunchbucket – 32 books



2014-10-24 07.28.09



Pledgers! Now it’s your turn. Check your reader’s Grand Total and multiply that by your pledge and send us the money by November 4th. Any way you can get it to us is awesome! If you need any information from me send an email to and I will be happy to help you out with that.

Thank you so much for your support!

Read-a-thon Days 9-15

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2014-10-22 16.12.06If this read-a-thon has taught me anything, it’s that I make a terrible blogger! So much for my promised “daily” reports. Oh well!

Here are the stats for days 9 (Oct 23rd) through 15 (Oct 29th):

Lunchbucket – 11 books

Tootles – 13 books

Binks – 10 books

Squeaker – 12 books

And here are the overall numbers, so far:

Lunchbucket – 30 books

Binks – 32 books

Squeaker – 43 books

Tootles – 42 books

Those numbers are so awesome! Tomorrow is the last day of reading!

Read-a-thon Day 8 – Oct. 22

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Any day we go to the library for any reason is practically a holiday at our house. I love that my kids love the library!

Reader Stats

Binks – 3 today, 17 total

Tootles – 3 today, 24 total

Lunchbucket – 6 today, 19 total

Squeaker – 6 today, 29 total


2014-10-20 10.54.05

Read-a-thon Days 3-7 – Oct 17-21

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So, Mom got sick and everything fell apart for a few days. All is better now, and I’m ready to get back to the read-a-thon blogging. Yay!

2014-10-13 09.13.36

These books are a cute idea, but I’ve never actually seen anyone put their baby’s picture in the book, have you?

Reader Stats (for all 5 of the days I didn’t update)

Tootles – 10 books

Squeaker – 8 books

Lunchbucket – 5 books

Binks – 3 books


Overall Stats (for the whole Read-a-thon, so far)

Binks – 9 books

Squeaker – 19 books

Lunchbucket – 8 books

Tootles – 18 books

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